Real glad the Bears played Thurs night to free up my Sunday.  

Two PSO COOP tournies, gotta play in both of those to try and get tickets.  Don't know exactly where I was with the overall top 20. I had to be close, but the one bad monthly finish had to be what kept me out (the bad last week in it that dropped me from 13th to 156th wasn't good).

Also have a PCA ticket to use on Sunday.  Hoping for a better finish than the last one of those that I played, as was beat early-middle of tourney with pot big enough to make a deep, deep run in it (and had best hand when the chips went in and 1 card left to see, so had to call).

Have to be multi-tabling in most of them with the PSO league games too. 
Need to make up for the two bad beats in my last 3 tournies (QQ beat again by garbage, 4 8 off..... 7th bad beat I've had with QQ this month in MTT's.  Also had AA get cracked by suited garbage.. and they didn't get the flush?!).  Back from vacation now, so can play alot more the rest of the month. 
Keep playing hands the right way hopefully gets me back toward the top of the leaderboard.   I got into 87th, by only being able to play 43 games last month..... so it IS possible to get a top 100 with a limited number of games.  Now that I can play more, I've hopefully got nowhere to go but UP the leaderboard.