i was paying good and in premier leugue if u dont no me i was injured few  years ago i started playing to pass time i was a carpenter and have no exspireants with computers quit school at 14 now 38 anyway when i started i had no email so i used my ladys so find till she open a stars account then they shut me down with no way to prove who i was but with pic id that just exspired but 1 month earlyer left me with no way to keep my posion in league fianly when i was able to get new in had bin 6 months so need less to say i did not get my spot back y am i writeing this because it was unfarley rip away from what i worked 4 after losing an arm and lung it was the only thing that was geting me by and now have lost my love 4 the game i guess the point of this is when u work so hard 4 something and someone takes it from u like that it shows the lack of commintment 2 make sure good and up coming players follow yhis site thx jv driver