I watched xflixx video on 2nl $80.00 challange and thought I'd give it a try. I purchased Poker tracker 4 and after some setup issues headed to the tables to check out the new toy. Xflixx has some power i guess as the room was filled with german players all of whom had stepped up to the challange. I played my regular style (only AA ....hehehe....not..but good to have that rep sometimes.) and tried to get a couple thousand hands in before runnning the leaktracker tool offered by pt4. The result was a bit of a surprise as the program suggested i was too aggressive...?Most if the other stas were in line with the leaktrackers suggestions-vpip was slightly low on the scale but over a small sampling some variants are expected, I assume. I was able to quickly identfy REGS vs RECS and the # of regs was surprising for such low stakes. Some good play and run good- flopping lots of sets against overpairs lead to a profit in all 3 sessions. I think the new toy is gonna pay off in spades as the info it provides really helps with decisions in tight spots and made things go pretty smoothly.Looking forward to completing the challange and moving up through the stakes.Ive included a few hands here ...This is blind on blind and was a good spot to take advantage of what I think other players think during a hand...see if you would do the same....http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/4139380_B3FBA49857.


+ a little rungood helps sometimes here i make play not because of the individual hand but because of something I had noticed alot more of this session as players began to play back against me with lots of 3 bets..I was suddenly loosing blinds folding my initial raises to the 3 bets...gotta stop this chip leak and make stand sometimes..this spot I raise from the button and get 3 bet by a REG(DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER)...but gut feeling said this 3 bet was a move so i made the call to play in position...rungood is awesome sometimes......http://www.boomplayer.com/en/poker-hands/Boom/4137131_1BC42D0869.

cheers all and see you at the tables..hide your pennies I,m coming...lol.


Ok so update of progress through the 2nl zoom minefield. The next 4 sessions run 2 positive 1 B-I and 2 negative 1 B-I. so breakeven and pretty much flat line the stats charts. Had a couple days off for other items and enjoying the time away from the game. Today back at it again and ran a couple of positive sessions.The 1st sessions was pretty much just the standard grind 2,600 hands $8.23 profit  at 15.69bb/100.The second session was much different and I hit that magic 100bb/100..... only short session 1hr 1 table 261 hands $5.22 profit for exactly 100bb/100hands played.....super cool super good run..had sets over sets AAvskkx2 and KKKvsAA...Heres some of the hands...





and a very sharp spike in the graph.........cheers all.