Wow, who knew playing Poker was going to be so challenging, mentally exhausting and...

...invigorating? Inspiration? Exciting? Adrenaline-pumping?

I started my Poker Jouney over 3/4 weeks ago, while I was preparing for my examinations. I was bored, I had a lot of time and my friends hadn't been over to play a friendly game of Poker in awhile - so I figured, why not? 

I made my first deposit of $24 (18USD) and started to build up my bankroll, it reached the peak of 36USD while I was running in and out of cash games - but I soon became bankrupt because I was too greedy.

My second deposit went in, $60 (48USD), I had a really unlucky streak and I just lost it all.

My third and I promised myself to be the last deposit of $100 (70USD), it lasted the longest - I had built my brankroll up to 170USD, recooperating ALL of my money I invested into Poker. I figured I would just stick around and cash out after awhile more, but I started to lose 10, it snowballed into 20 and I found myself, back at square one - then back down to oblivion at 0 USD.

Now, I've been spending most of my times entering freerolls, trying to improve my game at Poker. I figured no matter how much money I do put inside my account - if I don't have the skills of accomplishing anything, why the hell am I even putting in money in the first place yeah?

A total deposit of $200 (including service fees) spent on Poker, I hope I will be able to build my bankroll up from nothing again