This is not about winning. This is not about losing. This is not about earning. That is all about: learning.


This is not about arrive in a place or build something. It is the path itself, the way you build, hand after hand. Keeping the enthusiasm, with focus and feeling motivated. Never giving up. Being patience with other people and above all with yourself.

MicroMillions has been great because I could realize that it is not an easy task. It envolves mind and heart, emotions and pride put aside. As in life, the end of the path is built by each step, each decision we make, being careful with details. It seems to be so simple, anyone can play, anyone can live.

With MicroMillions, I could learn that starting with a desire to learn the right way, no matter how difficult it can be, an everyday renewed desire, much bigger than the bankroll, will make all the difference.