The last 2 weeks were very awful for me and for my BR.


Variance knocked at my tables and the downswing appear. "He" started to throw with bad beats, dead cards and stole from me three quarters (3/4) of my bankroll. In return, "he" gave me a tilt.

I stopped playing 2 days ago (played only a 500Cap .50c MTT and a PSO Premier League game).

I stopped because I was on tilt, I stopped because I didn't want to lose my last quarter of my BR, I stopped to try find out what is the problem and how can I fix it.

So I took a little break from playing. I've made a few walks by foot in my city (I like to take the city by foot), a few friends, a few bars, some  movies and fishing videos, a little cooking (in weekend maybe I will try PSO fellow gtwi recipe - Fillet of Sole Cooked in a Lemon/Wine Sauce).

The most important thing was that I tried to find the problem and the solution - like the phrase says "if you don't look it, be sure that you won't find it".  So the PSO forum, Poker Basics course and spacegravy's STT videos came in handy.

Of course, it was my fault. I wanted to build up quickly my BR that I forgot about bankroll management. After a few losses in my regular games - 3.50$ Fifty50 - and a few bad tries in other games, my BR dropped like I told you earlier.

I know that I didn't respect my first plan (find it here), but it was hard for me to follow it. I think that I was talking without knowing to good the game and what I was saying really means. So, like PSO fellow baud2death comment - "Have a plan and stick to it, if the plan doesn't work, change it".

Now I am OK, the tilt is gone, I accepted that all this is part of the game. I think that I understand the game better after all this and I will become a better player.

All bad is good for something and when you reach the bottom, the only way is up.

So, with a few lessons learned, with my head up, with my positive thinking and ambition I will come back and hit those tables hard and good. Not today, on monday (I'm going to the country side this weekend), and not the 3.50$ Fifty50 tables, but the .25c ones (my BR management allows me to play these games).

Read my next post, it will be a good one.

Good luck and have a great weekend, my PSO friends.


JD - the mad man