World Cup 2014 - a beautiful period for football fans from around the world.

I'm not a football fan. I watch only top games from final stages of a football competition or Manchester United games.

Anyway, I saw only 2 games from this World Cup edition and for me they look like a poker game.

Let me tell you how I was the results and you can share your view in comment section:

1. Argentina - Iran 1-0 : Argentina had pocket As, slow played them and almost lose agains a trips.

2. Spain - Netherlands 1-5 / Spain - Chile 0-2 : Spain was on tilt and ended with 2BB in the first 2 hands of a 4-handed SnG game.

3. Spain - Australia 3-0 : with the smaller stack, they shove and won. But not enough to be ITM.

4. Uruguay - Costa Rica 1-3 : Uruguay - player 1 TAG, had AA, Costa Rica - player 2 LAG, had 72o. P2 limps UTG1, P1 bet 3BB + 1BB OTB. Flop 729 rainbow. P2 bet, P1 raise, P2 re-raise, P1 go all-in, P2 calls.

5. England - Italy 1-2 : TAG players. England with KK, Italy with AKs. River brings an A.

6. Germany - Portugal 4-0 : Portugal with weaker holdings tries to steal from button, they c-bet, they 3-bet, even 4-bet. Nothing. Germany put his poker face and doesn't shows any intimidation. Portugal folds every single time.

7. Brazil - Mexico 0-0 : HU SnG, 2 players. Back and forth for an about 95min. Raise - fold, check - fold, bet - fold.

8. Switzerland - France 2-5 : where the fish met the shark. Frace won so much that they left fish Switzerland with 1BB in the last 1min of an timed MTT game. So the fish Switz shove and won the last 2 hands, but not enought to cover the buy-in.

9. Germany - Ghana 2-2 : Germany on upswing, Ghana - the player who almost lose their all BR -, made a pause for learning, came back and hit hard the table.

10. Italy - Costa Rica 0-1 : Doyle Brunson vs me, in a HU, online. First hand. Me with AA, Doyle with 66. Me all-in, but Doyle is to old and doesn't see very good, so he click on "Call 1480" instead of "Fold".

This are the games that amazed me.


How did you see the World Cup games?