A month ago I did a plan.


A plan for me to become a better player and to build up my BR on the way.

I posted my plan and you can read it in "Plan today, Succeed tomorrow".

I did't succeed. Actually... I did. It was a half full glass of water. Something like that.

I lost some $$, but I won some experience.

That experince translates in knowing the game better, beginning to create a new plan - a better one based on my new experience -, being more disciplined and more serious.

The #1 problem was that I played to many tables in the same time - 6. For a rookie like me it was to much. In 2 days I lost half of my BR and "won" a very big downswing. After those 2 days I've stoped to play for about 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks, when my downswing disappeared and my mind was clear again, I've started to think what was the problem and what is the solution.

I've found the problem and the solution in forum. More or less.

After reading and learning from there, I was back on tables. Not 6. Only 2.

At 2 tables, I become a winning player. I can concentrate, I can watch the others players carefully, I can take notes.

My BR is up again. I even quadruple it.


Haste makes waste.

We are not Superman. We can't do things quick and good.

It's better to win 4$ playing at 2 tables, instead of winning 2$ playing at 6 tables.

Multi-tabling, you will do more mistakes, you won't have time to watch others gameplay, you won't be at your full capacity of concentration, your eyes and mind will get tired faster. Of course, I speak now only with players like me.

So, if you are a rookie, it's better to take baby steps.

Give it a try, and tell me how worked for your games.


Stay close for my next post.

Till then, best of "luck",

JD - the mad man