Forgive me PSO for I have sinned.

It's been awhile from my last post.

I have an excuse - my bad english.

Like in real life not knowing a foreign language (english is the most common one), it's hard to speak with others, express your ideas or thoughts.

Learning poker in english is not hard for me. I can read and understand very good. With talking I have a problem. Talking about poker, of couse (I can have an conversation about usul stuff).

I want to ask something in live training, but I don't know how to express correctly my question.

I want to talk and entertain more with PSO members when I am at the same table with them (I had this problem at a PSOP '14 event when I was at the same table with 3-4 PSO members whom I like to read their posts and blogs).

I want to express an elaborate idea or thought in forum.

I want... but I can't.

In my posts I use Google Translate

I now that I'm not the only one. There are good and bad players who want to learn more and become better players and the only things to do that are to watch videos and read courses/lectures.

In my opion it is more easier to learn when we talk with someone else. When we express our thoughts and questions.

Maybe it is a good idea for those who don't know english very good to add english lessons besides grinding and poker lessons.


"Good luck" at tables my PSO friends,

JD - the mad man