In real live I don't think that someone can become a profesional in a thing just by practice, or by learning.

For example: a man can't become a real and a good mechanic only if he stay in garage and unscrew a car, takes a good look, and try do do something. Even he is doing this since he was a kid and do it every single day. Technology and the technics will always evolve, and the cars with that. On the other hand, a man can't become a good and real mechanic only by reading books. He will know something, but when he will have a car in front of him, it will not know what to do first or how a specific part look like.

I know, it's a silly example, but it was the only one that came into my mind right now.

I've started to take poker seriously from last month and every single day of April I was learning - courses, live trainings, videos etc.

Now all I have is the theoretical part of poker. It is almost useless without practicing (that I did a little).

But this doesn't mean that you need to stop learning. Like every thing in this world, poker evolve. Players evolv, strategies evolv, games evolvs. So never stop learning, because you will remain behind.

So, if you want to have success, practice what you learn.