Has I told you earlier, now I'm playing in Premier Skill League.

After 3 negative results, karma, luck and science of poker knocked at my tables in the 4th game.

As the title of this post says, after 4 hard and long hours and a field of 331 rough players, there I was - in the last 9 PSL players. I've ended up on 5th place and got 88 poins.

I can't describe how amazed and happy I was. Of course, with a little bit of upswing.

I saw how a FT looks like and that "god" can bleed too.

That FT showed me that I've learned something, that I can beat this if I am willing to have patience, ambition, a lot of learning sessions and all of this mixed with a lot of practice.

So, PSL FT taught me to practice what I learn, to develop my own strategies, to have confidence in me, to be very patience and to never give up.

If you wonder how a PSL FT looks like...learn, practice and have patience. The results will come.




PS: later that day I was at another FT - BankrollMob Leaderboard freeroll. 2nd place.