In my second post I have told you that in the name of poker science I've lost some $ in April (not much; I've win some of games). With that $ I've made 20VPP. That VVPs and my good games from OSL brought me a Premier Skill League ticket. And this in one month of play.

I was surprised and happy.

I remember that two years ago I've played in OSL and my ranking was between 15000 and 20000, and now I've played so good that PSO awarded me with a PSL ticket.

I wasn't in the first 500 players, but I was in the first 500 who had at least 20VPPs. My real position was 800 and something. Anyway, it's a big progress for me.

But the ticket and the 50c reward aren't the only things which proves me that I'm learning - in one out of two 100k tournaments that I play, I get in the money.

Maybe it's now a great thing for some of you, but for me and in my first month of my new beginning it is a great and rewarding thing.