For my plan to succeed, I needed to learn. Hard, well and a lot.

And for this PSO is good for. A very useful tool for every single beginner in this "Cadillac of poker" (Doyle Brunson about NLHM).

So in every day and night from April I was reading my courses - Basics, STTs, MTTs and Cash - with a little more focus on the first 3.

Copy - Paste my courses, then I was started to get only the good stuff from it - summary on Word, printed on paper to be easyer for me to read on daylight and creat a PDF files to put on my phone and read them at night, in my bed.

The forum is a another great library of science. Read all you can and keep in mind only what is good and came from good players. Apply them in your games and see how it goes. If you don't try it, you won't know if is good or not.

Anyway, when I was not reading or writing, I was playing in Open Skill League. The only thing that I was learning in this legue it was that a good poker player needs to have PATIENCE. A lot of it.

About the members, I want to thanks sleepyolman (for his post on how to beat OSL), ChewMe1, TheLangolier, xflixx and spacegravy (for video content), baud2death (for his inspirational blog), and all members I've meet at the tables. All you guys make me a better poker player.

I will talk more about strategies, patience, forum etc on my next posts. Now I'm trying go get up to date with my crazy, but still achievable adventure.

Till then I wish you a great time at table and have a lot of donks, to squeeze them out of chips.