I'm an ad guy. A Mad Men. I was a copywriter at a well known advertising agenty from my country. Last month a new brief come on my desk - a deck of cards. With that deck of cards I come up with the idea to play again the game that I was playing in high school - No Limit Texas Hold'em .

And so my crazy journey begins.

I took a break from my work in April and start playing poker to see if I can beat the game and live from this or give up of my crazy idea and go back in the creative department after a few months.

I started this blog so late because I didn't know what to write and how I will write it if I have somehing to share with you - my new colleagues.

Yes, I know, I am a copywriter, my job is to write and have ideas, but when you know a little about a thing is hard to build something with that smal parts of thoughts. Anyway, my english is pretty bad too.