I'm off to a slow start this month in the PSO but I have decided to try and play as many events as possible. I've only had time to play in five this month so far but after last month when I played in 20 total and scored just enough to get a PSO warmup ticket, I think I'm going to make a much more concerted effort to place itm again this month. Lord knows my bankroll could use the boost and seeing how I'm active this month after mostly playing cash tables and home games last month I have an opportunity to make some free cash which is always nice. 

My goal is to somehow make the top 98 but that is seemingly impossible considering how much tougher the league has gotten and how my schedule only allows me to play in about 50-75 events this month. So perhaps a more realistic goal is to get in the top 200 which is definitely doable so long as I can avoid early exits. The PSO has become a real grind which makes striving for these goals a little tougher since it takes so much work but I'm confident in my game that I can really make a run at the top 200 this month.