This secret may not make you the most popular player out there but if you are truly serious about making a run at the top 100, you need to use up every second possible to ensure the highest possible finish/points. You get 12 seconds to act, take the 12 seconds. Over the course of the tournament, those valuable seconds add up and may result in a difference of finishing 100 spots higher (especially as you near the "sitting out" bubble). If you find yourself on the short end of some hands leaving you with a short stack, this secret becomes even more valuable as you try to minimize the damage done to your score with a poor finish. If someone puts you all-in, why not take all the time given to you to make the call (12 seconds plus the 60 seconds of extra time). Sure it might only result in a slightly better finish if you don't happen to win the hand but over the course of the month, it could make a significant difference in your final standing. Stay tuned for more secrets!