This really isn't an earth shattering secret but there is a serious art to picking up the blinds at this stage of the game. Like you, everyone else at the table should be thinking the same thing which can cause some serious fireworks. The farther to the right of you at the table, the more complicated it gets to "steal"   from these players and the flip side is the closer they are to your left, the easier it becomes. If you are going to get aggressive with these players, make sure you are watching for who's trying to do the same and alway be carefull of the bigger stacks (if that doesn't happen to be you). Because you need to continue to build your stack during this 2nd stage of the tournament (between the first and second breaks), putting pressure on the small stack keeps you safer than going up against another big stack at your table. Shorter stacks are waiting for their double up hand so a pre-flop raise can get them to fold more often than a bigger stack willing to call looking to put the pressure back on you post flop. Within the first 30 mins after the 1st break, all the sitting out players should now be gone and its time to focus on the bubble.  Stay tuned for continued secrets!