This is the 3rd installment of the PSO Tournament Secrets to Success
The idea here is not to get in too deep where you are pot committed with a marginal hand early in the tournament. Sure you give the other players a chance to catch up but with little info on how the table is playing, you're not always able to push off the loose players from their drawing hands. Keeping the pot small allows you stay in control of your stack and the ability to fold. The only side note to this is to watch the "pot odds" betters. These players know that you have been told "know your math, calculate the odds, blah blah blah" so they will bet large to get you off your winning hand knowing that you will fold due to the odds. A smooth call in this situation followed by a check from the pot odds better usually means you are in the drivers seat. Going back to the above secret, keep the pre-flop raises relatively small so if a scary flop comes you can get away from the hand easier. Seeing a lot of hands early (Secret 1), staying away from the Loose "All-in" Goose (Secret 2) and playing smaller pots (Secret 3) should allow you to slowly build your stack in step with the chip average which is vital. Stay tuned for Secret 4 where I'll talk about play after the first break.