Ok, with all the Pres crap going on in the forum. I will focus on Home Games, Corral League, & Vent. This forum has gotten OUT of control with this guy doing whatever he wants. He twists things over and over so that in his mind. He is justified. I will tell you this, he is a clown, punk kid if you will.

Anyways, as I am currently making a deeeeeeeeep run in today's 20K GTD. I will announce that I will be making my run to the front page for March. I have a wager on 10 players and can't make any money. However, I can run my points up and cash this way. Which should be the goal anyway. My current chat ban will be over tomorrow. This should bring much more action for my friends in the Corral and Drunk Tank. As now, I can join in on the bashing. Weeeeeeeeeeee

See you on the front page!