So, I was going to track my progress this month and show you all right here what it takes to get there from here. Well, with all the new names entering and playing this month. The first week or so was a wreck. However, after two weeks of watching and studing all the moves and plays. I feel I have what I need to make a push for the top. After finishing just inside the top 125 at 124th last month while making a huge push the that 10 days. I feel now is the time for my run this month. I played 3 games yesterday cashed in all 3 making up a lot of spots and getting to just outside the top 300. Today, I look to do the same. My goal today is the 1800 mark. If I can gain the same 130 points as yesterday. That would be sik. However, I would be happy with an increase of 75 points today.

Thx for following along and watch out leader, here I come!