I am sitting in a PSO warm up last night and a player whom I do not know personally nor outside of the PSO asks me what has caused the change in my game. Now I like this player and he is one that I shadowed in the past. It got me to thinking of the forum and what it has done for me. I joking told him that because I like to follow posts and post myself. That allowed me to fold more in the PSO games. Now, that isn't a joke. But, there is more to it. I have done so much research in the last few weeks within this forum. Not just on players and plays but also on posts about situations and anything you can think of. I have read and read for an entire two weeks while making my run to the top of the leaderboard. I have always thought I could but now. I have proven I can. Of course, as I am typing this I think of where I was yesterday as this time, 105. A bit higher then I am now. So, I lost 100 spots, who cares. I have done it once and can get back to 1850+ points. This is the goal by end of month. I have always been a goal oriented person. This community of good, bad, and crazy players has helped my game so much that I can't say thank you enough. I hope that anyone reading this takes what they have read and improves their game in the same fashion. For the man that request I do this. I THANK YOU Sir!