OK, so it was only a half session as it were.  But, I am learning all aspects of this game from many new friends that have had success.  This is where one can get a foundation and build from there.  The idea here is to practice good Bankroll Management.  I utilized my knowledge of the game and here is the result.

Sat at 4 $0.02/$0.04 Tables for 30 minutes and 218 hands:
Spicer: sat w/$0.40 and busted
Procyon: sat w/$0.40 and left w/$1.14
Margret: sat w/$0.40 and left w/$0.46
Volpecula: sat w/$0.40 and left w/$1.66

Sat with $1.60
Left with $3.26
Profit of $1.66
$1.66/$0.04=41.5BB Win Rate

I know I sat with the incorrect amount. Did I figure the Win/Rate correctly?