I swore i would keep this blog updated on a daily basis however thats proved extremely difficult to manage with the crazy life i seem to be having.

Does being in a relationship affect your play?

One thing i've been struggling with for a while now but its hitting new heights a s SCOOP has gone on is finding the perfect balance between playing poker and spending time with the family. I did explain before it started that the  games could be on until all hours of the morning or not has been the case with my poor displays. "no problem", "sure its only two weeks" were a couple of the responses so great i thought. However as the days have passed and the time spent with the family has lessened its becoming a nightmare scenario that seems might not even end with the end of SCOOP. I play online poker because its something i believe i can become really great at, i dont just sit around willy nilly chucking money away like i did years ago when first starting out. Bankroll management and playing to a certain level would of been alien to me years ago.

I would never have spent hours a day studying videos, reading Pros blogs or reviewing hand histories or doing anything that didn't involve actually just sitting in front of the laptop clicking call, fold or raise 2/3 year ago. So when i finally apply myself to something i love doing and ok the results are hardly rocketing thru the roof but i work harder now day in day out doing this than i ever have in any menial job i've had before - 12 different career paths to be precise. But all my girlfriend believes is that i sit here 'GAMBLING' all day long. She doesnt believe I have a future playing poker, and that hurt me more than any Aces being cracked or sucking out on the river to some lame hand.

How do i know she doesnt believe in me?? well she told me.. not in so many words. But as we were cuddled up one night i wasnt playing i was joking with her saying "how great it be just to win one SCOOP event, a nice payday, 50k or so". well without even thinking her response was " you'll never win that much' she tried to backtrack when she seen the look on my face but the words were out there, she said what she was thinking and i won't hold that against her, however she's the one person thats always at me to believe in myself and make something of myself. So i should believe in myself but the one person that loves me doesn't believe in me. How's that suppose to work? I never said i wouldn't get a proper job or find other ways to support us until poker does start yielding some big results. I never said i expected to win a SCOOP event or even break even over the 2 weeks as its played out mostly at a level that i ain't played much at in recent years, however i try my best at every table and in every hand. So as you can probably imagine from the ranting it was a comment she made in haste and did try apologise but even now its resonated in me and don't think its something i'll forget for a while. We've not spoken not much since that night, not only because of that comment, mostly my "i'm going for  a couple of pints" and not coming home til following morning, But my results this week have picked up. So is this just a coincidence or could being in a relationship actually effect you more than you think when you are playing poker??

Ridiculous you might say, but i believe it has some logic. And if my girlfriend were to ever read this i probably won't have the problem of knowing for sure.  A few months ago i was again not having the best of times in my relationship and the poker results were great, FT in Big 2.20, a couple of other deep runs and my ROI was higher than its ever been. And recently the results had been consistent, however more recently they've become consistently poor. And no it wasn't just downswing. It was downright poor play. Now again this week since have a minor falling out the results have improved, 3 FT's in 8 days, ok only n $1.10 MTTs, min cashes in SCOOP events and feeling like i've got my confidence in front of the screen back again.

So single life might be the answer with regards to poker. But i love her more than i'll ever love any flush draw or runner runner winning board. I just find it quite bizarre that i seem to improve my results when not 'in a relationship'. I think i just seem to go into games when i dont have any distractions, and by distractions i mean text messages, phone calls, the usual relationship stuff we all have to go thru. Its just me, my laptop and the cards. I one day might be able to maintain that focus whether im single or not.

My Final Weekend.

As for the poker, well i started this blog as 'My First SCOOP and possibly my last' well its almost time the online grind comes to a halt. Two days(hopefully 3) to make one last push for glory. As stated above i have had couple min cashes this week in the two events i have played. Don't feel like i've played that badly in both and with a few more hands and bit more luck in the hands i did have could of gotten a lot further. The goal is minimum make it to Day 2 of one of the remaining games. The $27 Progressive KO kicked my backside in day 1 so i will be trying my very best today to redeem myself in the variable speed version. It will be a lot looser and more aggressive with 4 min blinds to start so hopefully pick my spots and get off to a good start. I wont be directly buying into the Main Event tomorrow but will be playing the deadline sats. All focus will be on SCOOP and nothing else. My position in premier league for next month should be more than already guaranteed so won't be playing anymore qualifiers until next week. Interesting few games during the week just passed, including one that had 2 columbians, a moderator called daisy and a whole lt of bad tension. But hey they want to make trouble for themselves who am i to stop them

My final games will be my best i believe. I will try my hardest to make Day 2, then i'll try even harder to make top 3. Then when i get that far i'll be trying even harder to make my girlfriend eat her words.

Sorry if there wasn't much poker in this blog but i have had a crazy week on all fronts and wasn't really documenting where and when games went bust.

I will Make one more blog sunday night maybe monday night should we get to Day 2.

I will be looking for as much Live Poker advice i can get from people too. My final weekend playing online poker will be one to remember and wish you all the very best at the tables should you be playing.