SCOOP Day two..

Where's your head at?

Main emphasis today was to try put day 1 behind us and learn from the lessons handed out throughout the day. Feeling fresh and ready for the 4-max satellite into the $82, i've locked myself away in the spare bedroom only myself, the laptop and the sounds of whatever Spotify has decided are the best tracks in Ireland this week.

The feel good factor and the positivity lasts all of about 10 minutes in the satellite. My stack hasn't lowered that much, 1363 to be exact with 20/40/5 the levels so still pretty early, Utg raises to 86 and sb call so I decide to raise it up to 244 with JJ in the bb. Probably should be raising more, however I get called by both and flop comes 4h10s4s, sb checks I fire a bet of 336, little more than half the pot and get called by original raiser. 3s on the turn is far from ideal I'm thinking but the pots now up to near 1.5k and i've 778 chips remaining and my opponent over 2k from an earlier bust he had, so i decide to fire the remainder of them into the middle only for my opponent to flip Qs7s. Hard one to know whether or not i played terribly bad or whether or not the results of day one were still lingering in my thought process and telling me to go for it, you fold jacks on a 10 high flop you're not going to win anything. i should of seen the flush draw but with the games being short-handed and opponent having the stack he did i put him on 10x maybe even possiby a 4. but unlikely as his range for a 4 would of been slim, A4 maybe 45s..  

That was the end of my Medium level Heads up dreams, My lower level dreams were to follow much of the same pattern. I got a bye in 1st round to alow stars to wittle the field to 8192. So an hour after registration i'm still waiting to play a hand, I decide to rail couple of my friends and make my own playlist on spotify as I dont agree that Megan Treanor or Jimmy Jonas - i think thats his name -are really the type of music you need to be listening to while trying to play poker. My first game of the tournament got underway little after 8pm and i was playing against a Lithuanian. quick scan on OPR shows me they ain't played much online, nevertheless i ain't taking nothing for granted. I lose a monster pot inside 5 mins their JJ dominating my 99. i'm down to about 1k and only few mins in. i regroup and start winning pots, get my stack back up to just over 3k and blinds are 60/120, i'm first to play so min-raise to 240 he 3-bets 480 so i get the remainder of my stack 2880 all in with AhQh only for AA to flash up opposite me on the screen not a heart nor a queen in sight as board runs out 6c9cKs3d10s...

SCOOP really is kicking my ass the first two days. But i'm not letting my head go down.

I decide a micro session is in order so fire open about 6 games all starting in around 9pm. $2.20 progressive ko, $1.10 bubble dash, sats to big 4.40 etc.. The 2.20 pko got off to an absolute flying start, within half an hour i was sitting on 12k stack 3 bountys and 3rd on leaderboard. It was a run that woud continue right up til 3am in the morning. Eventually busting out in 12th when i moronically shoved K9 from bb - when 12/12 might i add - into one min raiser from CO. he flips A10s and i''m left kicking myself. All in all tho a good result. $21 in bounties and $33 for 12th.The bubble dash was another going grat for me until the bubble actually bust. i'm sitting 63/190 when in bb i get AK and face an all in shove from btn so i call and he turns his JK, great i have him dominated i'm allowed to think for a split second until fop comes Js3sJd.. all but crippled and few hands later my 88 is beaten by bb A9.

I've also been playing a lot of the PSO Premier skill league qualifiers, one of my goal is to get into the premier league for June, and end up finishing third in one game which catapulted me into the top 200 then bust out another when holding JhQh in bb and flop comes Jd8h9h i bet  about 1/3 pot into both min raiser and caller from EP they both call 2 clubs on the turn doesnt change much so i fire half pot size bet and get one call this time. river is Ac and with my stack now next to nothing fire the rest of chips into the middle and opponent shows A2. I still dont know how anyone calls a bet on flop with A2o and Jd8h9h on the board and neither the ace nor the 2 were a heart..

never mind i was to finish just outside the money in the next game and still remain well placed to finish in top 200 and make the premier league. I also won the PSO home game Event 16 - Deep stack hyper turbo - I donked out when only few ramining on bb had 88 facing 3x from utg decide to shove, shoved into AA and i ended up rivering the 8. One day Lewis might forgive me

All in all SCOOP was to be a bust again but i didn't let my head drop after the heads up, and played one the best nights i've had in a while, my bank balance isnt exactly gone into overdrive but i've a nice healthy bankroll and i felt with exception of one or two hands played really well thoughout the night.

Day 3 is again just the 2 games the satellite into Event 9 Medium and the Event 9 Low $11 100k, hoping to put the good form of last night to good use in a much bigger field and try at leas get further than a min cash.