SCOOP Day 1.


The waiting was over, the time had to come to put all the studying, training videos and reviewing of play into practice. Started off well enough in the Event 1 medium satellite, ok I missed out on a seat by an odd hundred or two but I stuck to the game plan and got involved in pots I felt I had the edge in and eventually fell when with 4bbs remaining on the button opted to shove Kh7h into the blinds, snap call from the bb and turns over 99. Two hearts on flop give us some hope but run out doesn't give us a heart or a king. No problem it's still early in the day, plenty more play left.

While playing the satellite Event 1 low has gotten off to a storming start. First orbit we pick up QQ in the sb and get no action, next hand we pick up Aces and facing a 3x raise from MP we raise it up to 180, bb and original raise both call, Jc3d8c flop and both check to me so I fire out a near half pot bet, bb calls and mp folds. 3s on turn pairs the board and bb leads out for half pot, i call it down and as the 4d hits the river he decides to fire another barrel so as it's only in first few hands I decide to just call as if I shove and he has hit a set with the two 3s or FH with 88.. He turns over KQo and we're up to 8k. Then while later after sustaining our stack and playing well first hand after break we have 77 in MP with a single min raise from utg we call and rest fold flop Q107, he bets I call, K on turn and literally within a second of the card flashing on screen the villain has shoved all in for a little over 2k, i decided to really think about this one as I know AJ is definitely within his opening range utg maybe even J9 but if he just turned his straight surely he's gonna want to get value for it right?? So I call and he turns over QK his two pair powerless to beat my set. Pick up nice pot then few hands later in CO with AhJh and flop two hearts. Happy days I,m thinking to myself little over an hour in and we're over 12k and playing really well,  next hour passes without little action and plenty of time to focus on others at the table until few minutes after the 2nd break I decide to get involved with Qh9h in mp following utg 3x raise from a super loose villain with stats of 42/23. Flop comes 6h8d10h and he bets 2250 into the pot so I raise it up to 5800 and he snap shoves, fold is probably best call but at the time and committing myself to the pot I convince myself to call off the rest of my stack he has QQ, 9s on turn and 4d on river and all the hard work and solid play of first couple hours has gone out the window and I,m out. I now know with hindsight that just folding pre would of been the best play, however after deciding to call and hitting a flop as I did I don't think I played it too terribly, if you think otherwise it's ok to let me know.

Not long after kicking and punching myself for losing in a way I should of avoided I had to re-group for the deadline sats into Event 2 low, I played both the $2.75 and $7.50 games and breezed thru the $7.50 to win a seat with ease, the $2.75 one I lost out by about 20 places again of my own doing, shoving 55 from Btn and getting called from bb with A8, I was crippled and eventually bust out when my J10 lost to J8 rivered a straight. Not to worry we were in the ME.


Event 2 low will live long in the memory, for all the wrong reasons. I was completely outplayed, outsmarted and again with hindsight I probably tried to be too clever but my opponents picked me off at every possible chance and after little over two hours I bust A10 < 66 on a 106x flop. It was a real eye opener for sure. In my previous post Ovalman had commented that "Scoop will be full of top players and he tends to nit it up too much" well Ovalman you were 100% right Event 2 was a harsh lesson in how good some these guys are. And I certainly went into a defensive mode and nitted it up myself when the cards weren't falling my way and the inevitable happened with the bust hand I was never going to fold top pair top kicker in my frame of mind. 

The deadline sats to event 3 were a major bust out and we took a break after failing to win a seat and decided to come back for Event 4 low the $11 turbo. I rode my luck at times in this to get ITM, 99 vs JJ flopped a 9 was the one that sticks out most now, but I played really well and was reading my opponents really well, i reckon the turning point for me came tho just before the bubble burst when with AK utg And around 12 bbs i decide to raise and Russian with 45 bbs  to play directly after me 3-bets so after much deliberation I decide that we go for it, he's going to expect me to fold and just wait for the bubble to burst, well he calls my shove and turns over AJ, the inevitable flop of 324 and 5 on river means we split pot. Not a total bust you,d think but it was the last decent hand I was to pick up until bust hand and the double up would of giving me bit more room to manoeuvre and possibly get a lot deeper than the eventual min cash in 1994th position. Shoved K10 from button again with 7bbs and the bb was laughing all the way to the river when his AQ was never really in trouble after flopping the ace.


Day one had come to an end and I'd been left licking my wounds and questioning whether or not I really was cut out for playing at this level. Then I remembered why I'm doing this blog and putting so much effort into my game. I want this as much as those guys in the $27 pko wanted my bounty. I want to see real results from the hard work, however I can't expect the results to just happen overnight and should I start to feel beaten after one day I might as well give up. If come May 24th I completely bust out and play horrendously bad then we call it a day but I won't be giving up until the last card is dealt.

I learned a lot yesterday about ways to play this game and about myself in defeat. I was excited and raring to go when first event started yesterday and probably was out of my depth in some games but it's a day I'll try to learn from and use to evolve my own game. 

Todays main focus is the HU games. One v one it's all about my own game now. 

I did did have a few other topics from yesterday's play I,d love to know what peoples opinions are however I,ll put off writing about them until tomorrow.