Quick intro, Names John, 29 years old, born bred and living in Dublin.

I thought ,quite possibly idiotically, that writing a blog for the duration of SCOOP would be fun way of keeping me focussed over the two weeks. Could very easily backfire but hopefully will have some good stories to tell over the course of the two weeks.


I have been playing online for a few years now mainly on stars and havent really ever had major success that we all crave from playing the game we devote so much time to. 2015 has been my best start to any year yet and have already cashed for more than what i did in all of 2014. I have learned that to succeed online you not only need to be an already adept player but willing to work just as hard off the laptop both on your game and yourself as a person.

Anyways intro wasnt as quick as i might have suggested

I am going to be playing SCOOP for the first time in those few years and will be focussing on games in the lower scheme of things and satellites to some of the medium games. However it could also be my final time playing in it too for the foreseeable future anyways. As i alluded to above i have never been really really successful at this game so i made a promise  to myself, my family and many others that should SCOOP be a major bust i will give up devoting so much time to online poker..


See i have a very beautiful young woman that perseveres with me constantly playing online and not spending as much time as i should with her and my two beautiful kids, she never says anything bad to me about playing but i got to find a 'job' that provides me with both a better family dynamic and a better social life too.. So i decided that making the move to couple of games a month of live poker and a 9-5 might just be the best for all involved..


All sounds so defeatest only two days before the beginning of what will be the biggest online event schedule i played previously or possibly will do again for a while yet.. but not at all i feel really relaxed and prepared for the 2 weeks ahead.. i have plenty of studying done, i have the time free to play the games i need to, i've the support of my backers, and i have the belief that i really am going to give every minute of every game i do play my best shot. I dont want to give up playing online poker as much as i do now but life comes before any game.. so please keep everything crossed for me that SCOOP is when the 'one time' hard work starts reaping major reward.


I will try keep posted during SCOOP how things are going.. hopefully there will be plenty to tell over the 2 day events and i sure not many will read it but like i said its more of a way to keep me focussed and hopefully be a 'Diary' of two memorable weeks..