Hello Members and players my name is Kenny AKA JRroy11 on stars.I would like to take afew minutes of ur time and talk to you about never quiting on a poker game.Sure u might think your down and out and sure u might be at a huge disadvanage on winning,but i got some good news for u ur not done u can still win ive seen it done before,dont let a bad hand control you let that be motivation on trying to stay alive.I personally thought i was doomed many times sure i lost but i never put my head down and said i was finished. I pulled back into winning the tourny afew times when i had only 3 big Blinds left in me.Stay postive after a bad hand even if you thought u were goning to win the hand.Dont hide urself in the turtle shell,work ur way up the mountain it might take a long time to get there but give it a go and youll do great.Well this is short and brief but all i want u guys to know is that even if ur think your out,ur not Stay postive wait for your move you might not win all of them but people at the table will respect you for trying. Thank you everyone Good luck at the tables Have a great day