I am getting discouraged.I'm on the wrong end of luck in big pots,again and again and AGAIN.

I laugh at bad beat stories,that's why I'm sliding away from on line,programed poker.

My friend quit...He was up money.He couldn't take the fact that the second best preflop hand always seemed to win.

Her's an example,I have QQ my opponent has AJ. I raise get reraised and call.The flop is 9TK, my opponent  CB ,I check raise all in,a bad move on my part.The turn is Q.

I worked my way to a ticket to sunday million.With AK I raised got called by PRO [playing 30 tables].He had 33.This was the first hand he played in 30 hands.Flop  3KK-TURN -A-River-3.

Oh my big AA hands win 50% of the time....usually uncontested!

Just a rant ,hope you can relate.