Hey Dear PSO members,


Since I lost some money in the beggining of this month playing 0,25$ SNG, so I had to review my objectives for this month which were reaching 10$ of bankroll (winning about 2$)

I decided recovering some of money would be more realistic so I my goal to reach 8,5$.

By the beggining of yesterday I had recovered some and my BR was 7,7$. I renewed my tournaments to play tournament to "10" 0,02$ SNG and "3" 0,10$ MTT. I played 1 0,10$ and 6 0,02$ without even bubbling.

Now on my 7th 0,02$ I was a really short stack 2,5BB just before the bubble bursted so I was only trying to hang on, but after the bubble bursted I had 4 lucky double ups and grew to become the biggest stack so I actually final tabled and came 3rd to win 2,2$.

So adding that I've reached a little below 10$ which puts me above my goal for this month (the reviewed one and almost the original). I'll try to get above the original one and win some more if possible, but I have to admit it was good accomplishing it by the 19th

Have to set a bigger goal for next month.

As a final note I'd also like to wish the best of luck to my fellow countryman Andre Coimbra aka acoimbra on his 100k challenge!

Bye guys  GL at the tables and hope you accomplish your goals... And above all I wish you have fun playing Poker,