Hi guys, just a small blog about a lucky/awkward hand.

So I was a bit distracted... Second hand in the bankroll mob I get AA, and I thought I was the first to act so I open to a standart 4x (80), that's when I notice I was in UTG+3 and both UTG+1 and +2 had limped before me. I started to worry and by the time it got back to the UTG+1 i was sweating because 4 guys had decided to call me.

That's when, luckily, the guy in UTG+1 decides to "save" me and 3-bet a min-min-raise, so with a raise to 140 before and a insta-call by the UTG+2, I looked at the stacks and everyone had about 1400 stacks, except for the UTG+1 who was holding twice our stacks, so my only concern was narrowing the players in the hand so I decided to shove it, can't play rockets against 5 crazy dudes!

Well, can you believe 4 guys actually called me?! A SHOVE for their entire stack!!

I quickly looked through the hands and the flop which came K5Q, which except for backdoor stuff gave the UTG+1 two pair KQ.

On the turn a 10 came up and my 5 outs turned into 9 (Ace, Jack or the board pairing with 10s or 5s).

And the guy in UTG+1 got rivered, sorry to him, a 10 came up giving me two pair and since my bigger one was aces i got the huge pot that had brewed.

Main points: don't be distracted, don't bet until you make sure your bet has the right amount and guys playing freerolls are fully nuts so if you wanna play freerolls you need to be tight and be able to play them like an hyper (although the structure is slow, when you want to play you actually need to go hard into a hand and excpect for the best).

Thank you guys and good luck at the tables, I'll try to keep you updated,