Hi Guys, today I want to talk about an important topic... Planning Ahead! I don't mean planning your game strategy, I mean planning your grinding day.

It is OK to every now and then play one or two tournaments because you're feeling you're playing at your best, but try to plan ahead. This is actually one of my post-New Year resolutions.

Let me tell you about how I started this rule. First I was playing tournaments in a row for about 4/5 hours, which is OK if you're playing freerolls and are able to concentrate for a long time without tilting, which fits my category. The problem came when i also started mixing in some real money tables (they require twice the attention and some are turbos, not my favorite thing). I found myself playing lots and lots of freerolls at the same time as Real Money tables, which on it's own is not a problem, unless you have to focus on that for 5 hours in a row.

Summing up... unless your name is nanonoko, it's NOT a good idea! I was making some pretty awful decisions and the tipping point came when i actually spent an entire night awake playing (although i made a small profit and managed to watch the entire PCA Super High Roller, you CANNOT do this on a working day! I was out of focus and sleepwalking the entire day), but guess what? I decided to go for a night grinding session, I played the PSO league (awful), I played the Bankroll Mob (Awful), i played 4 0,02$ SNG's (Awful). 

But because you actually end up being lucky, I was running really good in the Hubbles, which started late, and when I checked the clock it was 1:45 am and with 330 players left (72 tickets) I had a very nice 40 BB stack. I can tell you I ended up being 102nd... Why you may ask? Was it a Bad Beat? NO... Was it a stupid shove? No... A Bad Steal maybe? No... The truth is I fell asleep on top of my computer  and woke up the next morning with an awful headache/backache and a lost tournament.  #notfun

It may be fun to let yourself go on some freerolls to relax sometimes after a bad day. But as a rule of thumb, when you're grinding, plan your day ahead and think about what tournaments you're going to play and if you can spend the entire tournament there if you're hanging on.

Well, that's it for today guys, talk to you again soon.

See you around and Good Luck at the tables,