I sit at home alot now days, since being diagnoised with colon cancer. Between the operations and now the chemo-treatments, the doctors not letting me go back to work! I just can't believe that we cannot play freerolls,or play our PSO tickets that we have earned! I can understand that we can't play our cash games even though I have read that other players are still able to play some cash games, well I would like to know how this is even possible! Poker is supposed to be a sport, not just a game of chance! Its were the little  guys can line up against anybody, and compare wits and strategy to become a winner! And just like any pro-athlete why can't we play, is the united states banding all sports because they all have a cost, and I still see them everyday on TV!  I love this game ! AND NOW POKER STARS IS TELLING ME I CAN CASH OUT, I DON'T WANT TO CASH OUT, POKER STARS DON'T TURN YOUR BACK ON US! WE HAVE BEEN FAITHFULL TO YOU AND TO THE SPORT OF POKER! I'M BROKEN HEARTED!