Wow, what a day yesterday at the tables.  I don't know?  Was and wasn't wanting to play yesterday.....   Decided to play....    BAD IDEA...    I took a beating ....    Took like at least under 5 BAD BEATS yesterday...  

What a BAD day...   Guess if it starts out like that on the first or maybe even second game  STOP playing them for the day....   
My Advise:
GO BACK TO POKER SCHOOL and REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW.   Do some reading and watch more videos.      take that time to LEARN whats going on an NEW tecniques that can help you out.
And that way your using the time to LEARN instead of LOSING BIG TIME!

Got some hard work to do this month just to "TRY"  to regain what I lost yesterday.  

GOOD LUCK AT THEM TABLES EVERYONE.   Say HI if we sit together  :-D