This has been an up and down month for me, not surprising since I've been trying out some higher buy-in tourneys and also trying to expand my opening range.  No major wins to report, although I did manage to qualify for the Women's Sunday (exited in 98th).  

I played the Cool Million on FT (got the ticket by pairing my accounts), I made it to the last 8k or so, but only 7500 got paid, so I missed cashing by about 1k.   I also have $20 to play on ring tables, we'll see how that goes.

I've been attending as many live trainings as I can, that may be contributing to me trying to expand my opening ranges.  I'm naturally kind of a nit, I like to have two high court cards or a higher pair before I consider raising.  I'm trying to expand this to about a 20% range, especially in small SNG's and 6-max games.  So far I am having mixed results, but I have enough of a BR to give it a little more time.

If nothing else, this challenge has given me the courage to try to expand my game and move out of my comfort zone a little.  I've been stuck in a rut, breaking even or a little better, but just falling short of a big win.  I believe that I've been too scared to try to move up, I'm comfortable playing a level I know I can beat.  That's fine if I just want to continue playing at my current level, but to move up I need to take some risks.

Hope everyone else is having success with their challenges!!