I'm not sure I can keep up with this in the summer, but I guess I'll deal with that when the time comes.

I recently recently read a blog that described me perfectly, I'm stuck in a rut.  My goal is to win a big tourney, but I hardly ever enter them.  I've been focused ont the Womens League for the last year, but that changed recently.  I'm not as interested in the new club system, so that opens up lots of playing time.

I've been playing quite a bit under my BR limits, it's time to take some shots at a few higher buy-in games.  I may venture into 6-max cash, or I may just concentrate on tourneys.

You're welcome to join me on the ride, hope it's gonna be fun!!


PS.  I'm probably the last person that still has Member of the Week tickets, I'll be playing these in the near future, with 10% of all winnings dedicated to the TIC club, cause they were the ones that helped me win the tickets.