The Womens Sunday is one of my favorites, but I don't get to play it very often.  This Sunday was open, and I had a ticket that I won in the Womens League.  I was also playing in the Womens League Grand Final (finished 10 from the money).


I'm always a little nervous at the start, and was playing pretty tight.  My first hand was a little scary, but worked out okay.

Second hand wasn't quite so scary and worked out even better.

I make a disciplined fold here (thanks Dave, I could hear your voice saying my AQ was never good in this spot).

Five minutes later, the same player who lost half her stack with the sixes shoves from the button.  I just knew she was tilting here.

I was pretty sure my opponent would call with much worse with a big stack.

Beware the UTG limp!!

And now that they think you limp big hands...

I felt this shove was wrong somehow, call it women's intuition.

I would have had the best hand but it was the right decision.

Going for the steal here and got caught, but then came a miracle (also known by other terms if you are the opponent).

With just over 10 bb this was pretty standard.

Picked up a much-needed pot here.

At this point I maxed out the Boom player at 20 hands.  I was pretty card dead for a while, but hung on to reach the final table.  I pick up a pot here.

I gain a welcome railer, and we lose one player who open shoved UTG with 44 and got called by JJ (why do they do that?).  Nothing much happened for a while until I get this hand. 

Unfortunately it was a classic case of right move wrong result, and I finish 8th for $290.00.  I got a couple of lucky bounces along the way, and I was blessed with some great hands when I really needed them.  Being on the final table of the Womens Sunday was great, but next time I hope I can make it all the way.