So Sunday is finally here, hope I do well, I had a very good day yesterday and picked up my third ticket this week for the Women's Sunday.  The T$ are always welcome, $55 pays for a lot of my regular tourneys.  I plan to play pretty tight, especially for the first hour or so. 

Nothing of note happens in the first half hour, won 1 small pot.  Right after first break I got this hand, I had this opponent marked as very loose, so I had no hesitation making the call.

I haven't had many playable hands, this was the first significant pot I won. I'm 102 of 240, and this is a fairly slow structure, so I'm holding my own.  Current stats:

 During current Hold'em session you were dealt 38 hands and saw flop:
 - 2 out of 4 times while in big blind (50%)
 - 0 out of 4 times while in small blind (0%)
 - 4 out of 30 times in other positions (13%)
 - a total of 6 out of 38 (15%)
 Pots won at showdown - 2 of 2 (100%)
 Pots won without showdown - 0

I had just been moved to this table a couple of hands before, it seems pocket queens are my new best friend.

Picked up a small pot, no callers.  Sometimes it's tough to get paid with a good hand.

Nice pot here, thank you poker gods for the ten on the river.  Picked up the blinds with AsTs, every little bit helps. 

I'm at 61 of 137 and slightly under the average chip stack.

I made a standard raise here, but had to fold to the all in.  There seems to be a lot more open raising now, I'm still not getting a lot of hands.  I'm getting the feeling that some of my opponents are raising pretty wide, or else they're getting hands at a rate of three or more per orbit.  The prime suspect for this has yet to show a hand, so I'm not sure if she actually has it, or she's just betting like she does.  Second break stats:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 114 hands and saw flop:
 - 3 out of 12 times while in big blind (25%)
 - 1 out of 13 times while in small blind (7%)
 - 11 out of 89 times in other positions (12%)
 - a total of 15 out of 114 (13%)
 Pots won at showdown - 4 of 6 (66%)
 Pots won without showdown - 5

I may be playing a little too tight, looking at these stats.  Folded Td3d, then all in with KcKh after a raise and a call.


I shoved because I thought I was getting too far behind average, I was very glad to be called by pocket eights.  Currently 22 of 118, with 54 places paid, blinds at 200/400.

No hands for the last three or four orbits, I've fallen to 43 of 85.  Mucked Jd9d and would have hit my straight, there's an opportunity lost .  The hand was minraised, and I was in the big blind, so out of position.  This is still my deepest run in this tourney, other times I've played it I've been out in the first hour.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty now, I'm under 10BB for the first time, average stack is 13150 and I have 7479. 

In the BB with 8c7h and facing a 23k all in I fold.  There will be a lot of that, the blinds are high in relation to the average stack.  I'm all in w AdTh.

And that's the end of my tournament, 70 out of 320, I did manage to outlast all the pros, I guess that's an accomplishment.  In hindsight, maybe I was a little hasty here, but with only about 8 big blinds, I was feeling the pressure. 

I don't play these often, I usually end up going for the T$ instead.  This week there was the added incentive that everyone that played gets a ticket to next week's special Sunday Storm, maybe my luck will be better then.  I had a lot of fun, if I can win three tickets again next week maybe I'll play again lol!!

Good luck everyone, and remember to have fun - shrug off those bad beats, play your best game, and maybe one day it will be your turn to win the big one.