Two hours into the Bigger $2.20, 389 of 1239 left, 5392 started, blinds 125/250, ante 30.  This is my second fairly deep run in as many weeks.  I seem to do well in this tourney for some reason, probably because I'm super nitty and the structure is slow.  Current stats:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 155 hands and saw flop:
 - 7 out of 19 times while in big blind (36%)
 - 3 out of 18 times while in small blind (16%)
 - 17 out of 118 times in other positions (14%)
 - a total of 27 out of 155 (17%)
 Pots won at showdown - 5 of 7 (71%)
 Pots won without showdown - 11

In this tourney, I seem to do well when my total % is 20 or slightly lower.  There are a few loose cannons early, but after that play is pretty tight.  I would have won this hand, but with two all ins before me, folding seemed like the best option.

Picked up a small pot here:

These kind of plays are crucial in maintaining your stack, you need to win one hand per orbit just to stay even, never mind all those big pots that someone else is winning.  Of course, its a lot easier to make these plays with a big stack, simply because your raises are respected more often. 

458 of 963 now, 810 are paid.  Just picked up another pot:

Not exactly a premium hand, but good enough to  win the pot with a pretty nice flop.  I start to get a little tired about this time, hope I can keep playing well.  I decide to just call with Ac8c, missed the flop and turn and had to fold.  Still no need to panick, there's lots of time.

AsKs gets raised pre to 3BB, no callers and pick up the blinds.  69 more and ITM, still chip leader at the table, and still playing pretty tight.  Slightly under average chip stack, a big pot would be really welcome, but every time I raise every one else folds.  The whole table has been playing pretty tight, ABC poker really, which is kind of surprising.  I thought things would be a little trickier this deep in the tourney.

Comment by the loser after is kinda weird, he seems to imply that the all in with AK is a bad play, but his call with AJ is much worse in my opinion.


Ok, the bubble just burst, ITM so the next thing is climb the ladder, currently 403 of 782.   This hand I had poor showdown value, so I was happy to avoid showing.

Uh oh, new table chip leader moved in to my left, just where I don't want him.  Not getting any hands anyway right now, just have to see how it plays out.  Blinds up to 350/700, ante 85, the field is dropping pretty quickly now, 335 of 656. 

Only one hand after this before the break, but I dropped to 343 of 645, eight places down in two hands and I won one of them!!  Hard to move up the ladder even when you win a pot.  This is an interesting hand, I can't figure out why pinksky29 called. 

Only thing I can figure is that pinksky29 misread the board and thought he/she had a straight, I sure wouldn't be calling there with a pair of sevens.  (Later in the tourney pinksky29 was knocked out playing pocket sevens, seemed to regularly overvalue small pairs.)

Oh no pocket jacks, I hate them, no love them when they flop like this:

Picked up some much needed chips there, now 258 of 516 but still under the average chip stack of 31842 with 24311.  Dead for a bit but have QdQc, here's how it played out:

128 of 454 after that hand, moving up nicely.   Blinds up to 500/1000 ante 125, time to be patient again for a bit.  Called a raise with sevens in the BB, but had to fold to a c-bet on a K55 flop.  reginagir313 has rebounded nicely from the loss above and is up to 28279 in chips.

Haven't played a hand for a bit, dropped down to 177 of 368, you lose ground fast if you don't win any pots.   A9o folded to a 4x raise, A2o folded to 3x raise, lots of bigger stacks than me at the table now, need to be careful.  Updated stats:

During current Hold'em session you were dealt 262 hands and saw flop:
 - 13 out of 31 times while in big blind (41%)
 - 4 out of 30 times while in small blind (13%)
 - 21 out of 201 times in other positions (10%)
 - a total of 38 out of 262 (14%)
 Pots won at showdown - 6 of 8 (75%)
 Pots won without showdown - 21

My percentages are down a bit, but pretty much every pot is raised so no cheap flops even in the BB.  Four hours in, I've played about eight hours in total today, most of the time with 3-4 tables.  I'm down to a 29K stack, average is 55k.  Wow, 2 amazing hands:

Woohoo, now 61 of 283, I love that kocall!!  Guess I'll be here for a while longer.  Pocket nines in the BB:

Well, that didn't go so well, but I think I lost the minimum.  Break time again, really getting tired now, it's midnight my time and I've been up since seven. A nice flop in a limped pot nets me another small win.

59 of 246, 63 of 238, it's really changing fast now, that's the last two hands.  Every pot is important, but I'm sticking to my game plan and staying TAG, no A rag hands for me!!  So of course I immediately get Ah6d in the BB and have to fold to a plus raise, the next hand As8s with a raise to 6400 in front and fold that as well.  Now KhQh in the hijack and fold to a 3x raise, all of these raises won preflop.  Maybe I'm being a little too nitty??

Nope, stick to the game plan, that's what got you this far.  83 of 181, losing ground again and just got moved, no table image and no reads.   ThJd in the BB, folded to 2.5x raise, blinds 1K/2K ante 250.  Pocket nines, raised 2.5x and won the pot, up to $10.73 in the money ladder.  Still over 30 BB so no need to panic yet. 

So having said that, I proceed to make two avoidable mistakes, here are my last two hands:

Guess it's bedtime, disappointing ending but a great run over all. 

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