So guys this month we will concentrate on playing a freerolls and becoming a champ!!

We will play PSO Open skill league, PSO Series Of Poker and other freerolls. Yasterday we finished 8 in PSO Series Of poker 6 max becouse my girlfriend wanted to have sex and i needed to finish so i look a that as a bad beat HAHAH!! If she see this she i going to kill me for sure i know it.

Also we will try finish on top of PSO Open skill league at end of the month so i will play mostly every tournament who run's like every 4 hours. Central Europe Time 7 am, 11 am, 15 pm,17 pm etc..

So if u want to follow me or contact u can do that on twitter: Skype: JosipJunior7

Ofcourse i accept donations and sharing some action if somebody want ..

Results: Yasterday only one turnament and finish 8

<i>Today I' playing PSO Open skill league and 0.55$ bounty builder ofc and PSO Series of Poker </i>

<i>See u guy's at tables Cheers JosipJunior7</i>