This is a good question which i'm sure a lot of people will want the answer to. Is it worth paying up to $100 for software. The simple answer is no. But let me explain the reasons:

What does tracking sotware do ?
Usually it keeps records of your opponents hands, how many hands they play, their betting patterns and so on.

Is this information helpful?
Of course, knowing someones playing style is very helpful. You can almost predict their actions, and you will be better informed about what choice is the best.

Those two bits of information would make any poker player want to pay for software, but if you watch the pros play online, you will notice that none of them use this software, why?


I cannot stress how important it is to take notes on other players, not every hand, but hands where they raise preflop, or raise postflop after limping in, or shove, so basically most hands.

Playing poker is not something that should be done whilst watching tv, or reading a book, it should be concentrated on very intently. You should be looking at ( and taking notes ) on other players betting pattern, the amount of hands they play, the amount of times they cbet, 3bet, raise preflop, shove, limp, and so on. This is the difference between knowing your opponent and losing to your opponent. The more you know about them and their betting patterns, the more their cards become transparent.

Even if you are not in a hand, you should be watching and taking notes, prehaps even more so than if you were in the hands, it gives you a great opportunity to watch others, and see how they play, without having to think about your next move. If you are serious about poker, start taking notes and i guarantee you will increase your profit, without the need for software.