Downswings are an inevitable part of poker, unfortunately it is a game that will always be partially based on luck regardless of your skills, it's that little bit of luck that stops poker becoming an official sport. If you find that you are losing hands even though you are playing well, and you can feel yourself steaming, stop playing immediately. The tendency for most begginers is to bet more aggressively and become a bit loser. this is a really bad idea, as your opponents will be expecting it and they will look you up at every opportunity. It's just best to get away from the tables for a couple of hours, and try again later.

This happened to me today, i was playing well, but then i got beat quite bad on a couple of hands. i tried to recover but the cards were not im my favour. So i ended up about $3 down after some bad beats. so i stopped playing for an hour and got something to eat, and then sat down again. i managed to gain about $1.50 back so i end the night about $1.50 down from last night, but i am still up from my inital bank roll.