Last night i learned how important it is to sit down at a table with a fish, preferably a short stacked one. If you don't know a fish is someone who calls with aweful cards and simply doesn't know when to fold. Have you ever wondered why some tables have a queue of several people while other only have a couple of people sat down. This is because they have poker software that can identify a fish. A fish is a fantastic opportinuty to get earn, and it is definately worth the time to look for one.

So it's the end of day 2, I didn't spend a lot of time grinding because i had an assignment to do (university comes first), but i still made a good profit. I have changed a couple of things in my game which have really helped for the best.

  • Checking table stats before sitting down - as i said in a previous post, if you can find a table where most of the players have less than 50BB, there is a good chance that they will be passive, and this can be backed up by looking at the number of players to the flop and average pot size stat.
  • Watching and waiting - it doesn't matter if you sit at a table losing 10 or 20 blinds in a row, all it takes is for you to get one good hand for you to double up, and all is well worth it.
  • Finding the fish - as stated above, all i had to do was wait for a good hand, make sure that action was folded or limped around to me, shove, and he called of course.

My winning hand, so after about half an hour i was up $1.73. I was doing alright but i was on a dead table and i wanted to get up to 2 dollars total profit for the first two days. so i left and went back scrolling through the tables list. eventually i found a good one where everyone was below $1.50.  so i sat down with $3. i sat out 3 hands and i dentified a big fish. I sat around losing blinds or limping for about 10 hands. then i got k10 suited. action was folded around to me (on the small blind), I knew i had to take this chance, i bet 4BB hoping that he would call, which he did. but instead of just calling he shoved with $0.70. I had to call so i did. he turned over 39 suited. the flop came 3 hearts completing my flush, he was drawing dead, and i was up $2.04 after two days thanks to this guy.

I feel like i've played well tonight, and i'm proud of the discipline im using, and it's clearlt working. It's only early days but im on track to get the silver award at least, and at the moment i don't have much time, so when i finish lectures and exams i will have nothing other to do so im looking forward to getting to the tables then. thanks for reading, please rate