Ever since I played my first poker game at the start of this academic year in september with my new housemates, i have been hooked on it. And after watching hundreds of hours of video and playing many thousands of hands online and offline, i decided to make a deposit and set myself a goal.

I have deposited the minimum amount of £7.00 on pokerstars (which converted to $11.27). So here's my quest: in 50 days, starting from today (22/04/2012), i want to turn that $11.27 into one of three things.
  • Bronze: $30
  • Silver: $50
  • Gold $100

This probably sounds a little easy to some people, but for me it is a chance to see if i can do as well at microstake grinding as i can with play money. I have a couple of pretty impressive results in freerolls, including coming in 116th place in the Pokerschool open skill league (10,000 entrants) which i was very proud of. I feel reasonably confident that I can get the bronze target, but only time will tell. lets play poker....