Hi all, first ever blog post here. To be honest I never thought I'd be blogging about anything but you have to do what ever it takes to win this competition right?

Since joining PSO I have been amazed at the quality of the material available, especially the live training (when I get time to join in while I'm at work...) but recently I have watched, enjoyed and learnt from the Chris Moneymaker review of WCOOP.

WCOOP Review Session 1

WCOOP Review Session 2

WCOOP Review Session 3

WCOOP Review Session 4

There were a number of things I took away from this and I've tried applying it to my game. The main thing being the attitude he takes into the tournament, rarely in the video did Chris mention we was worried about the buy in ($10k). He played his game, obviously adapting to how a couple of players were playing but ultimately not straying away from his game even though it is a large buy in tournament. 

At times I get fed up with grinding the low stakes tournaments and buy in to a tournament which is far to big for my bankroll. Although I enjoy the thrill of being in the bigger tournaments occasionally it does play on my mind abit causing me to be abit more passive than I feel I should be.

What was also great about the video was Chris spoke about each hand he was playing, when he would play it, what position and why. I also found it refeshing that he also made mistakes too and when he did Chris explained why he thought it was a mistake and how he could improve it. I will most likely review my next bigger buy in tournament in a similar fashion, I think this is a great way to improve. Seeing his hand ranges when in different positions was also very handy, comparing it to mine I've realised I play certain hands out of position which I expect will improve my game.

Anyways thats what I have enjoyed so far on PSO. I've decided to move into the cash tables and looking forward to checking out the video/trainings aimed at these game types.

Thanks Chris Moneymaker and PSO, well done.

Cheers Guys/Girls