Well i just finished 6th place in the 1 pm tournament. I made it into the money with a little over 2000 chips, and from there i continued to grow my stack. I played my game the way i wanted to, and i was able to make it far in the tournament. I didnt win the most hands, but i made a lot of profit on the hands i did. Like they say, it isnt how many hands u win,its about winning as much as you can when u win your hands.

This is my second top 10 finish this month in a tourney, and i feel like i have grown a lot as a poker player through PSO. I used to become impatient and not be able to stay long into tournaments, but now i am able to just stay in tournaments and make my moves when i feel the time is right for those moves to be made. It has also helped me to read hands better, and a lot about the way i play.

This is my first month in PSO and i hope that as the months continue i can continue to improve my game, and hopefully get my bankroll on PokerStars up.

Jordan DaGold