I entered the Tournament on 9/3/2016 for 10 - $109 tickets for the WCOOP. There were a total of 6083 players entered. I am a recreational player and normally do not well in these tournaments but I was pleasantly surprised as to how long I stayed in.

No, I did not win a ticket. Although that was my initial goal, some times you have to find another silver lining in how you played. Considering I lasted until 182 place I felt I really did well based on 6083 players entered.

I do remember at least 4 times where I should have continuied in the play with the most notable one being where I had A, 7 off suit. Had I stayed in I would have had a full house which would have won a huge pot..approximately 35,000 chips which would have helped increase my chips considerably. All in all I really enjoyed the experience and hope I get an other opportunity to try again.

My next goal is to be in the money area of the BIG BANG Tourny.