In May I had an MRI on my neck. A lifetime of construction work, old football injuries, and a motorcycle wreck in 1973 had left me with an arthritic neck and constant pain. I was considering surgery as a last resort. Went to see the Doc a week later. He said I had the neck of an 80 year old and "oh by the way the left lobe of your thyroid is enlarged. We should probably have a few tests done. I wouldn't worry about it, most of these growths are benign." Ultrasound, another MRI, fine needle aspiration (which by the way is not nearly as much fun as it sounds), biopsy and pathology reports. June 15th, tests are done, results are in, whats it gonna be? Doesn't look good sports fans, the receptionist, who usually looks at me like I'm a dog turd on the bottom of her shoe when I come dragging in covered in dust and dirt from a job site, smiled at me and said, "Doctor will be right with you, sir." And sure enough, before I was half-way through an outdated People magazine, Doctor's nurse was leading me into his office. Thirty minutes later, I was sitting in my car outside the doctors office listening to CCR singing "Who'll Stop the Rain." I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and said, "Holy crap, I've got cancer". (to be continued)