Hi everybody my name is Jonny and Im a pokerholic  The main reason Im making this blog is to help me keep focused away from the tables. Im a beginner and really enjoy playing this great game, Ive known how to play for a long time but only recently started playing seriously, well, for real money I mean. So far since getting PT4 Ive played 25k hands at 2NL(regular and zoom comnbined) and Im winning @ 5BB/100 which Im quite happy with for now although I am aware this is a small sample.




Anyway I want to try and take my game to the next level and Im going to have to do alot of work away from the table like studying new and different aspects of the game, hand and vil analysis ect. things that I have just been neglecting. So my plan is to write up a to do list that needs to be completed before I begin my session this will include things like:


- analyse all marked hands from previous session

- post atleast one of these hands to the hand history forum here at PSO

- make at least one post on somebody else's hand history thread

- and so on...

I know that I would probably be better looking at flagged hands just after the session while they are still fresh in my head but my sessions often end at short notice ( wife and kid.........) so I wouldnt be able to check over the hands and overall performance sand it would end up being skipped altogether, doing it before I start gives me no excuses plus this may help me 'get in the zone' 

Im also planning on doing a fair bit of reading, Ive got a couple of books to get me started plus the countless articles online and i will be watching a tonne of training vidoes, starting with post session analysis.


This fortnights goals:

- Make and stick to the pre-session checklist

- Research post-session analysis techniques

- 8-10K volume (Im a part-timer haha)


Thanks for reading I will leave you with some screenshots from PT4, see you in a couple of weeks!!