Hi there! I'm starting a blog here on PSO to chart my 2014 approach to improving my poker game.  While there are a lot of good resources online, I hadn't found anything that took a 'project' perspective to self-improvement.  I plan to write about the time committment, and pay-offs I achieve from trying to follow a project management approach to mapping out how to get from point A (being a medicore amateur player) to point B (being capable of challenging serious or professional players online and live). 

About Me

Like a lot of recreational players I started playing poker through a regular home game that my wife and I host.  When it comes to online experience I have been exclusively using play money, so I haven't felt I've grown much from the wins I've had that way.  While I know I can play from the few live tounrmanets I've entered at our local casino, I'd like to try and improve to the point I'm comfortable playing in Vegas when I go or at any other table for that matter. I'd also like to have a plan before investing any money into online play, so I'm putting together a list of objectives for the new year to help me identify where and how I'm improving, and if/when I'm ready to move up in the pay structures.

My Objectives

My main focus for 2014 is going to be to apply what I have learnt from working in project managment to create a structured approach to becoming a better poker player.  My main goals are to:

• Create specific learning objectives for live and online play;
• Set a budget for annual/monthly play;
• Have minimum targets for STT and MTT entered, and hours of cash games played both online and live;
• Create monthly targets for bankroll improvement (e.g. have high and low threshholds for variance);
• Identify lessons learned from each tournament to help track and resolve any repeating issues; and
• Seek out support for all of the above goals from the Pokerstars community and other player groups.

These are my objectives for 2014, and I plan to update my next post with a list of specific activities that I feel I'll need to accomplish next year to have a successful outcome.  I also plan to identify the amount of time and money I expect I'll have to spend on this in 2014 so I can be prepared for the work I know will be involved.  My main concern is not budgeting time, and ending up spending too much of my life on poker.

Next Steps

As I get going I'm looking to more experienced players, especially those from the Pokerstars Online team to give any advice they have on how best to achieve these objectives. 
Thanks for reading, please add your comments below, or your thoughts/experiences in trying to focus on each of these objectives yourself!