Let me start by saying, I play a lot of poker online and in live play, and I'm starting to notice very different results in live play versus online play over a period of 5 years using the same strategy with (obviously) some variances based on situations such as types of players, position, stakes, etc. But the odds of some of the hands I see coming up (especially the number of flushes that people catch)seem very unrealistic to me. With that being said:

Can anyone please clarify if they notice the pattern or end up with similar results? : (and I've actually started keeping track of these results as an experiment) In any given tournament I'm in, when you start getting near the payout spots if there is someone with a chip advantage over another person, I completely understand that someone with a substantial chip stack can simply "afford" to call and play a lot more loose. However, if someone with more chips calls someones bet and/or raise, with a marginal hand, and I'm holding a monster/ made hand/ or QQ or better, the person with the chip lead will win 9 times out of 10 and put the other person out of the tournament regardless of what they have.

***If theres a moderator reading this, could you please provide input on this next part***

I know and understand that the results of hands are determined by a random number generator, and that this is regulated to make play fair for all competitors.  However, is it possible that in the example above that the software side of the program can be programmed or have an algorithm that makes for "speedier" tournament play by simply making sure that people are eliminated? I love being able to practice online, but it's actually starting to reflect in my live play and I'm forming bad habits because I have to fold AK preflop when someone bets preflop. (for example.)  The reason I use this example, is {and I am keeping track of this} I have played AK preflop 21 times now {since keeping track} and I've won with it 3 times.  In live play, AK wins 26 out of 31 times! (usually only losing to a made pair).

Is it just me, or am I not alone here? Any strategy suggestions are welcome because this is becoming VERY frustrating!